RSS Multi Importer for WordPress

RSS Multi Importer is the all-in one plugin that helps you create a feed reader on your WordPress site. It is in the Top 30 of highly rated plugins on WordPress and one of the Top 100 most popular WordPress plugins. Main features:

  • Templates (which can be customized and saved)
  • Feed to post option (put the feed directly into your blog posts)
  • Excerpts with images
  • Categorize feeds and show groups of feeds on separate pages
  • Embedded videos from YouTube and Vimeo

You can get the plugin here:

Here is a quick 6:28 minute video on how to get this plugin up and running fast.

Please read this and follow these guidelines before opening a new thread:

  • If you think there is a bug, download the latest version first and check if your problem still exists with that version.
  • If you’re not sure it’s a bug, check out the FAQs here first since almost all questions people ask have been answered in the FAQs.